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Sorry we’re being a bit slow here at the Au blog at the moment, but you know. It is summer after all. The sun beckons, the wind rustling the trees tells tales (as you might have noticed, editor-in-chief is not in Scotland at the moment). She will however take some time to give you all this weeks blogpost. A post full of link love!

Mid June she and one of the members of the Au creative team went down to the Natural History Museum to represent the University of Aberdeen at Universities Week at the National History Museum. They were there as part of the Musculoskeletal Research Programme, to talk about their research and inform everyone who wanted about the amazingness of bones! If you fancy catching the bone-show live we will be at TechFest in September, so keep a look out for the programme!

University of Aberdeen wasn’t the only university represented though, no! As fun as talking to the public about your research is (and it really is a lot of fun!) it was almost equally as fun to walk around and talk to other people and the cool research going on around the United Kingdom.

Next to us stood the lovely people from the Genomic Centre for Research at Liverpool University (they have a Twitter account!), who showed us how to make our own edible DNA-molecule. They also gave us some advice on how to get strawberry DNA using everyday household chemicals. And yes, we did get to bring the DNA with us as a souvenir.

Moving on from there we tested our super-human strength at the University of Essex display. Editor-In-Chief much chuffed about her above average grip-strength. Measuring peoples grip-stength is only part of what they do in their quest of Understanding Society.

Walking around in the hallways you had to be careful not to stumble on Linda, the University of Lincoln’s own robot.  She would happilly take your photo though, if you asked her nicely. We decided to take hers instead!

There were so much to see, and so much to talk about! Next year, if given the chance or living in London I highly encourage you all to visit. It is a brilliant opportunity to talk to dedicated enthusiastic people, and learn about things you never knew you wanted to know about!

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Anna is a PhD student in the School of Medical Sciences. She currently is busy squishing cartilage. When not looking at videos of tiny pieces of cartilage and programming MATLAB she enjoys sunny weather, tea and editing.

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