Au Talks


What is Au Talks?

It’s been done before… TED Talks are the first examples that come to mind. In Aberdeen, CaféMED and CaféSci give scientific talks that take place on a regular basis.

It’s time for students to get their own time up on stage! Introducing Au Talks, a new event hosted by Au Science Magazine which gives students a platform to share their passion about a topic in STEMM (Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics).

The platform of AuTalks shares common ground with that of a TED Talk or — keeping it local — to that of a CaféSci. However, its mission stretches out from sharing knowledge. We don’t invite a doctor or a professor onto the stage; we want to empower a community that until now has been left out: students.

Students can be passionate about a subject, too, whether they are undergrads or postgrads, and, in our opinion, they deserve a place where they can show an audience the why behind their passion for that topic.

We encourage both undergraduates and postgraduates to take the stage and make sure to prepare in advance to give a talk that’ll sure please the crowd! So get in touch if you’re interested in speaking at this or a future Au Talks event by emailing →

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