Issue 10: Puzzle Solutions

Not quite a puzzle but a mystery nonetheless, read Io and Behold to uncover the secrets of our editorial image, featured on the first and second pages of the magazine, or keep reading for the chain of Payne!

Puzzled beyond patience with Payne’s Chain Reaction? Relax — we’ve got the solutions right here! This time we’re answering the second part of the quiz as the chain of Payne continues…


  1. In which Microsoft Windows game are your default opponents “Pauline”, “Michele” and “Ben”?
  2. Which children’s programme, first broadcast in 1965, had characters called Dougal, Zebedee, Brian, Ermintrude and Dylan?
    The Magic Roundabout.
  3. What geological term is given to a political victory in which one candidate or party receives an overwhelming majority of the votes?
  4. John Pasche designed the logo for which band?
    The Rolling Stones.
  5. Which 2003 film sees Dewey Finn (Jack Black) pose as a teacher and enter his class into Battle of the Bands?
    School of Rock.
  6. What is the name of the aperture formed by the iris?
    The pupil.
  7. What type of lemur fills the same ecological niche as a woodpecker using its long, thin middle finger?
  8. Who is the archenemy of Peter Pan?
    Captain Hook.
  9. Which J. D. Salinger novel of 1951 has sold 65 million copies with its protagonist, Holden Caulfield, becoming an icon for teenage rebellion?
    The Catcher in the Rye.
  10. Manna, supposedly given to the Israelites by God, is a type of what staple food?
  11. What can also be referred to as a “sarnie” or a “butty”?
  12. If Paris has a “metro” and London has an “underground”, what does New York have?
  13. What did Bruce Reynolds mastermind in 1963?
    The Great Train Robbery.
  14. Up to 1981, what was London’s BT Tower known as?
    Post Office Tower.
  15. Who was born on 22 July 2013?
    Prince George of Cambridge.
  16. What drinking game is won by the first team whose members have sequentially consumed their beverages?
    Boat race.
  17. What is “Prosopagnosia” an inability to recognise?
  18. Who has appear on the cover of “Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Issue” a record five times?
    Elle “The Body” Macpherson.
  19. Created by Tyra Banks, which reality television programme is sometimes abbreviated to “BNTM”?
    Britain’s Next Top Model.
  20. In the 2007 film “Hot Fuzz” where does lead character and exceptional policeman, Nicholas Angel, get told to go if he wants to be “a big cop in a small town”?
    The model village.

Can’t spot the links between the answers?

(Continued from Issue 9…) The liver is an organ. Hearts are also organs. “Heart” and “Magic” are both radio stations. Roundabouts and slides are both found in parks/playgrounds. During a landslide you get moving rocks. The Rolling Stones are a rock band. Pupils attend school. Pupils are also found in the eye. “Aye-aye Captain” is a supposed maritime phrase (alternative link: a hook and eye is a fastening device). You use a hook to get a catch. Rye bread. Filling between two slices of bread forms a sandwich. Subway is a restaurant known for selling submarine sandwiches. New York’s subway is an underground train network. The Great Train Robbery stole money from a Post Office train. The Post Office and Royal Mail (Royal male) used to part of the same company (as did BT). The Oxford and Cambridge University Boat Race. Boat Race is cockney rhyming slang for face. Beneath the face is the body. Elle Macpherson presented Britain’s Next Top Model. Both answers share the word model.

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