Issue 9: Puzzle Solutions

Puzzled beyond patience with Payne’s Chain Reaction? Relax — we’ve got the solutions right here!


  1. Which elements are represented by “Na” and “Cl” respectively on the periodic table?
    Sodium and Chlorine.
  2. What is the state capital of Utah?
    Salt lake city.
  3. Which controversial musical was written by Trey Parker, Robert Lopez and Matt Stone?
    The Book of Mormon.
  4. Which animated series can currently boast 247 Episodes over 17 Seasons?
    South Park.
  5. Who is the most famous animator to have worked for Aardman Animations?
    Nick Park.
  6. Founded in 2003, what is the name of the Bristol based charity which supports sick children in hospitals and hospices across the UK?
    Wallace and Gromit’s Children’s Charity.
  7. What phrase means “a narrow escape from danger or disaster”?
    A close shave.
  8. By forming the Company of Surgeons in 1745, from which other profession did surgeons separate themselves?
  9. What phrase means to continue drinking alcohol in order to cure a hangover?
    Hair of the dog.
  10. In which novel did Sherlock Holmes reappear after apparently falling to his death at the Reichenbach Falls?
    The Hound of the Baskervilles.
  11. Which American band is responsible for the song “The Bad Touch” which contains many sexual colloquialisms and is the lead single of their album “Hooray for Boobies”?
    Bloodhound Gang.
  12. What name is given to the hard coating on the skin formed during the wound healing reconstruction phase?
  13. What word can mean “attracting attention by reason of being unusual, extreme, or prominent”?
  14. What sport is played on a diamond?
  15. Who was married to Marilyn Monroe for 274 days in 1954?
    Joe DiMaggio.
  16. Which song rose to the top of the US charts after appearing in “The Graduate”?
    Mrs Robinson.
  17. What did John Cage compose 4 minutes and 33 seconds of?
  18. In cricket, what is the term for a batsman being dismissed on the first ball he faces during his innings?
    A golden duck.
  19. What is the main ingredient of “foie gras”?
    Goose liver.
  20. Which musical instrument has varieties called “pipe”, “reed”, “chord”, and “electronic”?

Can’t spot the links between the answers?

Sodium and Chlorine form sodium chloride which is a salt. Salt Lake City was founded by Mormons. The creators of South Park co-wrote the Book of Mormon. South Park and Nick Park share a word in common. Nick Park created Wallace and Gromit. The second Wallace and Gromit short was called “A Close Shave”. A shave is a service provided by a barber. In general barbers deal with matters concerning hair. A hound is a type of dog. Scabs are formed from blood. Someone who works during a strike is known as a scab. Strike is a term used in baseball. Joe DiMaggio was a baseball player. The lyrics of the song “Mrs Robinson” mention Joe DiMaggio. “Mrs Robinson” and “The Sound of Silence” are both songs by Simon and Garfunkel. Silence is golden. “Foie gras” is made from either goose or duck liver. The liver is an organ.

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